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Pierce Litter Service is a full service poultry company offering poultry house clean-out, spreading, chicken litter removal and hauling. We offer prompt and reliable service. We sell organic fertilizer, and we can deliver anywhere.

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Why You Should Consider Litter vs Chemical Fertilizer

Consider Litter. Chicken litter in fertility programs increases with high fertilizer prices. By Leo Espinoza. The high price of fertilizers has resulted in an increase in the use of chicken litter as part of a farmer’s fertility program.   Read More



Sampling Poultry Litter for Nutrient Testing

Article by John A. Lory
Department of Agronomy and Commercial Agriculture Program

& Charles Fulhage
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Poultry litter is a mixture of poultry manure and the sawdust or rice hull bedding from confinement buildings used for raising broilers, turkeys and other birds. Poultry growers must periodically clean their buildings to promote bird health and limit buildup of wet manure. Partial cleaning, known as decaking, occurs after each flock is removed from the building. Litter that has built up, particularly near waterers and feeders, is removed before the new birds are brought into the building. Typically, all litter is removed from the building annually and replaced with fresh bedding. Read More...

Poultry Litter initiative for Labette County

Parsons, Kansas — The Labette County Conservation District is pleased to announce a program for landowners who use poultry litter as part of their fertilizer program.

Producers use in-field storage as a common practice to store poultry litter prior to the application to the field.

Poultry litter stored close to streams, road ditches, and frequently flooded soils can have a detrimental impact on water quality.

Consideration should be given to the proper storage of poultry litter prior to application. Read More...