2017 Fall Special

It’s not too late to do your fall stockpiling. Broiler litter is $39 per ton spread–or if you need a blend, just $35 per ton spread.  This price is good within a 50 mile radius of our blending barn located in La Russell, MO. Still an EXCELLENT time to fertilize on pastures and hay ground!

Take Advantage Of New Lower Pricing!!

Do your fall stockpiling and save BIG $$ now through July 15th,2015. Fertilize after your hay is off – save money now! Watch your fall forage growth pay BIG dividends! Call Now!      **NO ORDER TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL**

Litter by The Spreader Truck Load

  Now Selling Litter By The Spreader Truck Load–within A 10 mile radius of Mt Vernon, MO. Call us for pricing–figured by the mileage and type of litter ordered. Phone: (417) 669-3516

Poultry litter initiative set for Cherokee Co

The Cherokee County Conservation District is pleased to announce a program for landowners that use poultry litter as part of their fertilizer program. The Cherokee County Conservation District has cost-share funds available to landowners to pay 100 percent of the cost of soil tests on fields where poultry litter is going to be applied. Cost-share… Read More

Sampling Poultry Litter for Nutrient Testing

Article by John A. Lory Department of Agronomy and Commercial Agriculture Program & Charles Fulhage Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Poultry litter is a mixture of poultry manure and the sawdust or rice hull bedding from confinement buildings used for raising broilers, turkeys and other birds. Poultry growers must periodically clean their buildings to… Read More

Poultry Litter initiative for Labette County

This post is from Farm Talk weekly Agriculture Newspaper.Parsons, Kansas — The Labette County Conservation District is pleased to announce a program for landowners who use poultry litter as part of their fertilizer program.Producers use in-field storage as a common practice to store poultry litter prior to the application to the field.Poultry litter stored close… Read More

Consider Litter

Consider Litter Chicken litter in fertility programs increases with high fertilizer prices. By Leo Espinoza The high price of fertilizers has resulted in an increase in the use of chicken litter as part of a farmer’s fertility program. Extension publication “The Use of Chicken Litter in Row Crops” can be found at the following link:… Read More


We will be running specials to show our appreciation by passing the saving on to you, our customers. Be sure to check our website for the latest Specials!