Fall 2017 Stockpile Special!

Needing fertilizer for your ground? Give us a call–fall and winter 2017 pricing! If you’re within a 50 mile radius of La Russell, MO–only $39 per ton for broiler stockpiled. If you’re ready for a blended product–only $35 per ton stockpiled! Call 417.669.3516 today.

2017 Winter Clean-out Special

Let us help you get ready for your next flock! Our experienced clean-out guys are quick and efficient.  We’ve got trucks ready to roll with your turkey and chicken litter.  Call today for an appointment. 417.669.3516 Call us for barn clean-outs now!  


We will be running specials to show our appreciation by passing the saving on to you, our customers. Be sure to check our website for the latest Specials!