Poultry Litter initiative for Labette County

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Parsons, Kansas — The Labette County Conservation District is pleased to announce a program for landowners who use poultry litter as part of their fertilizer program.

Producers use in-field storage as a common practice to store poultry litter prior to the application to the field.

Poultry litter stored close to streams, road ditches, and frequently flooded soils can have a detrimental impact on water quality.

Consideration should be given to the proper storage of poultry litter prior to application.

The Labette County Conservation District has technical assistance available to assist landowners/producers to properly locate temporary poultry litter storage sites.

KSU Watershed Specialist Herschel George is available to come to your farm to discuss poultry litter storage. Herschel uses a Poultry Litter Storage Site Evaluation Worksheet to evaluate poultry litter storage sites to reduce detrimental impacts on water resources.

Herschel can also design poultry litter storage pads that offer additional water quality protection. The Labette County Conservation District has cost-share funds available to install one temporary poultry litter storage site in the county as a demonstration project.

Cost-share funds may also be available through the local Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy organization for construction of temporary poultry litter storage pads.

The Labette County Conservation District also has cost-share funds available to landowners to pay 100 percent of the cost of soil tests on fields where poultry litter is going to be applied. Cost-share assistance is also available to pay for the cost for poultry litter analysis. The soil test and poultry litter analysis are available with cooperation of the Kansas State County Extension Office. Your county agent can provide poultry litter application recommendations using the soil test and poultry litter analysis information.

If you have any questions on the program, please contact the Labette County Conservation District at 620-784-5613 or visit our office at 115 W. Fourth, Alta - See more at: http://www.farmtalknewspaper.com/areafarmnews/x1396857999/Poultry-litter-initiative-for-Labette-County#sthash.UAhE5siT.dpuf

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